Summer Please Don’t Go

It’s late August in Brooklyn which means its time to cram in as many rooftop soirees as you can. Yesterday I was able to get a pretty good one in complete with homemade wontons and prosecco. 

brooklyn, ny, 2014.

If you’re one of the “lucky few” to be reaching your late twenties then Im sure your inbox is getting flooded with engagement party invites and baby announcements. If you know me, then you know Im a self professed peter pan type and am nowhere near thinking about these things. However, I can sometimes, and i do mean sometimes, put my trips to Neverland aside and appreciate these moments. Here are a couple of shots from the party which I surprisingly enjoyed. They turned the backyard into quite the little chic space with their DIY chalkboard, mason jars and rustic details. I guess I could handle a couple more of these. Well with liquor involved of course.



experimenting with the notion of a modern portrait.